Goddess Lakshmi 24k (999.9) 2 gm Oval Gold Coin for Women / Girls


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    2 gm

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The 2 g Om Lakshmi gold oval coin depicts Goddess Laxmi in astonishing detail, adding value to the fine precious metal content, and making it an elegant gift for your loved ones. The Goddess is portrayed with her four arms that together represent Cosmic Omnipotence, as well as freedom from bondage or limitations. Thus, her arms communicate that under her protection, there is nothing left to be achieved.

Two of her hands possess the Lotus flower, reflecting beauty, perfection, and rebirth, while another offers gold coins as an affirmation of enduring wealth. Finally, one open palm assures safety and protection. Her hundred-petal Lotus throne is a symbol of total perfection and detachment from worry, which leads to inner peace.

2g Om Lakshmi gold oval coin is an ideal gift to commemorate special occasions, from engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and births to religious observances, and celebrations.  These can also be used for adding to a personal collection or for investment purposes. Each oval coin is secured within a signed and numbered, tamper-resistant Assayer’s blister card that serves as your assurance of the highest purity and finest craftsmanship available in the world.

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