Lord Ganesha (999.9) 50 gm Silver Square


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    70 x 70 mm

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    50 gm

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The 50 g Lord Ganesha silver square represents the divine incarnation of physical beauty, fertility, luxury, and prosperity. Lord Ganesha bestows blessings of prosperity upon humankind, but also, as a Divinity of Wisdom.

His portrayal is full of symbolism that cautions balance, humility, and prudence. Imbued with the strength of the majestic elephant, Lord Ganesha is particularly relied upon for his power to remove obstacles from the paths of those who seek his guidance. And yet, Lord Ganesha’s message of balance is also directly reflected in his appearance. Large ears encourage listening to all viewpoints in order to develop the intellect and personal truth. His flexible and adaptable trunk reminds us that all the tasks, regardless of being big or small, must be completed with honour. Our 999.9 pure silver design seeks to capture the various facets of this beloved deity. Get this beautiful bar for an auspicious occasion whether at home or to gift to the special people that are part of our life.

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