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Bihu Festival (999.9) 50 gm Silver Bar

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    60 x 35 x 2.30 mm

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    50 gm

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  • Manufacturer

    MMTC-PAMP INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, Rojka-Meo Industrial Estate, Distt. Nuh, Haryana – 122103

  • Packer

    MMTC-PAMP INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, Rojka-Meo Industrial Estate, Distt. Nuh, Haryana – 122103

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Celebrate the vibrant culture of Assam with this 50 gm 999.9+ purest silver bar, specially crafted to commemorate the Bihu festival. The obverse side of the bar features a stunning design that pays tribute to the state's unique culture, including intricate depictions of Gapi, Gamcha, and Xorai - all iconic symbols of Assam. The Bihu dance, a popular folk dance in the state, is also beautifully etched onto the silver bar, along with the majestic Assamese rhinoceros - a symbol of the state's rich wildlife heritage.

On the reverse side, the words "Bihu Assam" are etched in the Assamese language, adding to the authenticity and cultural significance of the silver bar.

Crafted with the finest 999.9+ purity silver, this bar is a tribute to the exceptional skills of Assam's artisans. Each bar comes with a stamp of authenticity, guaranteeing its quality and purity. It also promises a positive weight tolerance, ensuring that every coin you purchase will weigh more than what is mentioned on the pack.

The Bihu festival is one of the most important cultural celebrations in Assam, and this silver bar is the perfect way to commemorate the occasion. Whether you're looking for a unique and meaningful gift for a loved one or want to add a valuable item to your collection, this 50 gm silver bar is a beautiful representation of the state's rich cultural heritage and traditions that will be cherished for years to come.

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