Scarlet Minivet (999.9) 31.1 gm Silver Coin


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A beautifully crafted coin in silver of 999.9 purity, featuring the Scarlet Minivet bird. It is a delightful partnership with WWF-India, which eventually resulted in an amazing collectible series known as the Conserve Wild India 2020 Series.

Found in the Southeast Asia region, the Scarlet Minivet has a small passerine with long wings, a strong dark beak, and usually measured 18 cm to 23 cm in length. Found in small flocks for foraging. Scarlet Minivet catches insects in canopy foliage by flushing the insects out with intermittent flying. Placed at the top of the tree, their cup-shaped nests are woven with small twigs held together by spider webs. The silver coin featuring the Scarlet Minivet in vivid colors is a rare piece of work is a beauty in every sense of the word and will make a wildlife enthusiast out of anyone you gift this coin to.

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