Banyan Tree 24K (999.9) 10 gm Gold Bar


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    15.5 x 25.5 mm

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    10 gm & above

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This Banyan Tree 24k 999.9 10 g gold coin portrays the exceptional beauty and significance of the Banyan is a truly poetic design that uniquely continues the minted artwork from the reverse side to the obverse. Perhaps no other living symbol from the natural world is so ideally suited to enhance the inherent value and preciousness of 999.9 pure gold as the Banyan Tree.

The Banyan Tree is known as the benevolent and generous ruler that nourishes all. It is also mentioned in many ancient Indian texts and scriptures as a symbol of longevity. The Banyan is thought to bestow the fulfillment of wishes, particularly material gains, upon those who honor it. MMTC PAMP gives you the highest purity of gold items commonly known as 24K, the global standard for the highest purities of both gold and silver products is designated as 999.9 fine, and your MMTC-PAMP purchases are guaranteed to consistently meet those purities. Invest in this beautiful Banyan tree 10 g gold coin today.

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