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Ram Lalla (999.9) Purity 50 gm Silver Bar

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    60 x 35 x 2.3 mm

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    50 gm

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    MMTC-PAMP INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, Rojka-Meo Industrial Estate, Distt. Nuh, Haryana – 122103

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    MMTC-PAMP INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, Rojka-Meo Industrial Estate, Distt. Nuh, Haryana – 122103

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Lord Ram holds immense significance for millions of devotees worldwide. Revered as the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lord Ram is celebrated for righteousness, justice, and moral integrity. His epic journey, as chronicled in the revered scripture Ramayana, serves as a timeless testament to the triumph of good over evil and the enduring power of faith and devotion.

The Pran Pratishtha ceremony at Ram Mandir, wherein the divine spirit was invoked into the idol of Lord Ram, marked a momentous occasion in the Hindu calendar, signifying the presence of the divine in the earthly realm. It is a time of profound reverence and spiritual awakening, as devotees gather to pay homage to the beloved deity and seek his blessings for prosperity, peace, and harmony.

MMTC-PAMP's Ram Lalla Silver bar embodies the essence of this sacred occasion, offering devotees a tangible symbol of their faith and devotion. Meticulously crafted to the highest standards on purest silver with 99.99+% purity, customers can cherish the authenticity and value of each bar. The Ram Lalla Silver Bar is a timeless symbol of devotion and spirituality, making it an ideal and cherished memento which can be passed down generations.

The full-scale image of Ram Lalla on the silver bar details the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu, along with the image of Hanuman and Garuda, as created in the idol in Ayodhya. These symbols hold profound significance for many followers of Lord Ram. Staying true to this sentiment, the silver bar also carries a colourful image of the Ram Mandir on the reverse side of the bar. 

5 review for Ram Lalla (999.9) Purity 50 gm Silver Bar

Posted by Sachin

Beautiful and Spiritual

"The spiritual significance of Lord Rama adds even more value to this beautiful silver bar."

Posted by Amit Sharma

Thrilled with the Purchase

"I'm thrilled with my purchase of the Ram Lalla silver bar. It exceeded my expectations in every way, and I highly recommend it to others."

Posted by Heena

Perfect Gift

"This Ram Lalla bar makes the perfect gift for any devotee of Lord Rama. The colorful image of the Ram Mandir on the back adds another layer of beauty."

Posted by Vanshika Singh

Exactly as Described

"The bar arrived exactly as described and pictured. The colors are vibrant, the details are sharp, and the silver shines beautifully."

Posted by Abhijit

High Purity Silver

"I was impressed by the quality of this silver bar. MMTC-PAMP's reputation for purity is well-deserved."

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