Lotus (999.9) 20 gm Silver Bar


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    24 x 41 mm

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    20 gm

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This Elegant Lotus design 20 g silver bar comes to you from MMTC-PAMP. Lotus represents divinity and symbolizes cosmic perfection. The powerfully emblematic Lotus also indicates the flowering of inner potential and humankind’s ability to harness the flow of energy through the chakras, which are often depicted as wheel-like Lotuses. The unmistakably elegant shape of its petals, whether coloured white or pink, give the flower its iconic form, and its associations with many divinities are renowned throughout India and beyond thanks to countless examples of beautifully rendered iconography.
The foremost ambassador of our world-renowned brand is the distinctive MMTC-PAMP Lotus design, exceptionally minted on 999.9 pure gold/silver bars in a wide range of sizes and weights. Though the highest purity of gold items is commonly known as 24K, the global standard for the highest purities of both gold and silver products is designated as 999.9 fine, and your MMTC-PAMP purchases are guaranteed to consistently meet those purities.

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